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The best dramas on Netflix right now (November 2022)

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The best dramas on Netflix right now (November 2022) thumbnail

Since 2015’s Beasts of No Nation, Netflix has made a name for itself in original drama, boasting multiple entries in the Best Picture category at the Academy Awards each of the past few years. Drama is one of Netflix’s best categories due in part to the quality of those originals, but it’s also a home for excellent dramatic offerings from other studios as well. It’s a crowded collection, however, and you don’t want to experience any drama in your own life while searching for something to watch. To save you some time and effort, we’ve pulled together the best dramas on Netflix right now.

Netflix may be a treasure trove when it comes to content, but it doesn’t have everything. Thankfully, we’ve also curated a list of the best dramas on Hulu and the best drama shows on Amazon Prime Video.

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