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“They Lose Their Souls. Many of Them Start Drinking…”: Joe Rogan Describes Miserable State of Retired Fighters & Soldiers

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“They Lose Their Souls. Many of Them Start Drinking…”: Joe Rogan Describes Miserable State of Retired Fighters & Soldiers thumbnail

Millions love the 55-year-old UFC commentator Joe Rogan for his unfiltered and unbiased opinions on a wide range of subjects. Rogan has candidly spoken about a lot of delicate matters in his show, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Additionally, Rogan, through his show, often makes sure that he provides great insights to his audiences. Fans admitted it that Rogan’s interpretation of many things is quite thought-provoking.

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 10: TV personality Joe Rogan attends the 2013 Syfy Upfront at Silver Screen Studios at Chelsea Piers on April 10, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Stewart/WireImage)

In the #1931 episode of JRE, Rogan shared some harsh realities for the fighters and soldiers who are looking forward to their retirement. The guest of the episode was Special Forces/CIA veteran Mike Glover. Glover, who himself has had a remarkable life, dreads the retirement lifestyle.


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Life of fighters after retirement

Mike Glover served in the US Army for 18 years, and he was also a government contractor for OGA. Glover had an adventurous life as an army officer. Hence, it was difficult for Glover to go back to the four walls of his house. While in service, he became an expert in counter-terrorism, security, and crisis management operations. In the later stages of his life, he became the founder of Fieldcraft Survivor. There is no better man than him for Rogan to speak about retirement after a remarkable professional life. In the show, Glover says that for someone who has done so much in life, if they plan to sit idle after their retirement, they might die.

As a response to Glover’s remarks, Rogan said in JRE “I think there is definitely this thing that happens to a lot of guys when they get out of the military. It happens to a lot of guys who do anything where you have a tight-knit group of people that are like-minded. They are trying to do the same thing as you.”

The UFC color commentator further added, “This issue is there with the fighters too, where they retire from fighting and they are not in the gym anymore. They are not training with guys anymore. You know you are not traveling together all the time and supporting each other. They lose their souls. Many of them start drinking, they get into drugs. They need something to give themself some feeling.”


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Joe Rogan loves his job!

In the #1876 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan talked about his retirement plans. He admitted that he doesn’t want to retire anytime soon until UFC President, Dana White is present in the UFC. In the very episode, Rogan passionately talked about his job. Rogan feels so lucky to be the color commentator for the biggest MMA promotion.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – DECEMBER 12: UFC commentator Joe Rogan interviews a fighter during the UFC 256 event at UFC APEX on December 12, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

Apart from that, Rogan calls himself a professional MMA fan. He feels that his job is just beautiful, and he loves doing it. Even millions of Rogan’s fans expect the same; they would never want the 55-year-old to retire any sooner.


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